Start Getting Views On Your YouTube Videos

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing platform owned by Google. It was first created by three ex-PayPal employee named as Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in Feb 2005 and Google bought it on Nov 2006. Since google parent company is alphabet, YouTube also belongs to alphabet inc.

This video only social media platform got a vast popularity since it was started. However streaming online video was not affordable for many people before. But nowadays data price is very less and people get more data speed with less price which helps streaming websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc more popular. Also due to more use of smartphone changes the way of access internet and people like to watch instead of read articles on blogs.

Bloggers are Dominated By Video Streaming Platforms

Most bloggers are suffering due to low CPM price offered by advertisers on blogs but high cpm offered to video streaming sites like YouTube. YouTube also got opportunity from it’s user to spread across the user who uses internet to retrieve any information. Many people are sharing their daily videos on YouTube, it also becomes a source for all things to learn.

For example if you want to learn about an recipe or like to read math or get tips from professional, it is very easy on YouTube as every professionals, organization is now building their YouTube presence and provide online learning videos without any charge.

What is YouTube Partnership Program To Monetize Your Videos?

It is ok for general people or non-profit organizations to share any content but many commercial organizations also shared their video on YouTube. Do you think they why they are sharing for free? YouTube started it’s partnership program in middle of 2007 for all content creators and which required to fulfill some criteria. Once you will join into YouTube partnership program you can earn some shares of YouTube income upon your shared video, which is very interesting for everyone also it helps YouTube to grow faster as compare to other video only social media platforms. However the income from a YouTube video upon views is not always fixed since it depends upon a lot of factors related to advertisement run on videos.

It is not easy to get approval of YouTube partnership program since it needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in one year. You can also read all Criteria About YouTube Partnership Program

How YouTube Channel Owners Earn Money?

Some people thinks that YouTube channel owners are getting money from subscribers and like but which is not right. It is not possible for anyone to earn for subscribers but subscribers and likes helps to get more views on their video and upon advertisement views while playing their video income is generated.

Earlier it was easy to get likes and subscribers on YouTube but now a days, the platform changed the algorithm of video ranking and also very less chance for starters to live long by running YouTube channels. But still there are many people who started their career from YouTube and generated huge money from YouTube Videos.

Become A Star With A YouTube Channel

What you think about a celebrity life? How they started their journey? It was too difficult for a artist to get more exposure since they cannot able to get a chance to perform on their desired audience either due to lack of financial support or due to less chance of getting highlighted. But now, social media websites are playing a major role for all creative people to find their targeted audience and get their support to reach goal. If you are actor, and you need to get a chance to acting in the front of large audience then streaming media platform will provide you free service to perform your act in front of huge audience and make income from your act also. You can make your short film and when people like your videos and you will get a good publicity then your chance of entering into your dreamed life will be more. You don’t need to make you popular through print media or TV etc. You will get chance directly by your YouTube videos since many producers and directors are also trying to find out such talented people over social media.

Many people don’t like to show their face in front of camera to shoot a video for YouTube channel but it will help to get expose over a vast audience and you will get famous and live a luxury life without doing any other job. Yes, it needs talent, your gesture, style of talking, body language also matters to get more subscribers to your channel but you can also start making videos without showing your face also it is not a big deal, but your face also makes more trustworthy within your audience.

What Tools Needed To Make A YouTube Video?

To make a YouTube video you don’t need to go for more advance camera and editing software with a computer, instead of you can start it with your own mobile phone. There are also some good video editor available on play store for android mobile phone and apple store for apple phones. Shoot your video using mobile camera and edit through mobile video editor software and then publish it to YouTube. While uploading videos into YouTube, you must not upload any copied video for monetization since YouTube will not provide any chance to earn from copied videos. If you are a creative person you will create something unique to show your audience and new style content get viral faster.

How to Get More Views on YouTube?

So in YouTube, you can earn upon your YouTube views on video. To earn money from YouTube you need to start with good quality content which helps you to get likes upon views. The more people watch your video they will like and also subscribe your channel. When you got some subscribers which doesn’t mean that every next video they will watch up on a study says that only 14% of the subscribers watching new videos on a channel which means with 1000 subscriber you collected your next video will get viewed by only 140 subscribers but it is not bad since if your content is good and liked by your 140 watched subscribers then your video rank on YouTube search will get higher and your video may reach more new audience on YouTube and also your 140 subscriber may share your video in various social media platform where your video also get viewed by more people. So you cannot ignore about quality of video content you should publish.

Top 10 Tips To Get Free YouTube Views On Your First Video :

  1. First setup your YouTube video seo correctly which means write good title and description with a eye catching thumbnail.
  2. Share your videos with friends using message, one to one communication application such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc.
  3. Share video on your friends or relative group and ask them to share further if they like your creativity.
  4. Cross promote videos: which needs to suggest one video with another.
  5. Ask your colleague to talk about your video on their YouTube channel.
  6. Provide giveaway like Paytm postcard, Amazon gift card etc.
  7. Embed your YouTube videos on your hosted blog or free blogging sites like medium, blogger, WordPress etc. with a good description.
  8. Note each comments or suggestion made by your viewers.
  9. Create new videos with your audience demand.
  10. Answer to any question or encourage each feedback given by your viewers.

Once you get success with your first video by getting some decent amount of views, likes and also got some subscribers, you need to go with a constant progressive manner. Constant progressive video publication is important for any video channel. Since it will maintain a positive impact upon viewers otherwise you will get failed if you publish your video on irregular basis. One video you published 2 days before and also published one video on today then you will publish 10 days after it, really it will be a bad process and you will get negative feedback from viewers. Here is also some tips to stay positive with your YouTube fans.

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your YouTube Fans?

  • Reply to all comments
  • Create video upon their suggestions
  • Regular video updates
  • Add fans into your Facebook or telegram group.
  • Be honest while writing any comments back to your fans

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